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Grenache wine is produced in regions where the climate is dry and hot. Notably, the southern European wine growing regions of the Rhône Valley in France and Aragon in Spain grow Grenache grapes.


James Busby was the first to bring Grenache to Australia, among many other cuttings, in the mid 19th Century. The Grenache grape was selected for its robust qualities as it could be used in the production of port-style fortified wines. Later, Christopher Rawson Penfold introduced the Grenache varietal to South Australia. While the Penfold’s name is most notably associated with its world beating Grange, a Shiraz blend, the family explored viticulture with early Grenache in the second half of the 19th Century.

Typically the colour of Grenache wine is a dark, slightly menacing purple. Grenache aromas include those of spice, red plum, raspberry, cherry elixir and, when developed, meaty or gamey notes. The palate of a typical Grenache wine is fruit driven, often very plush and shows sweet red berries, spice and wild raspberry notes. South Australia is the most accomplished Grenache growing region in Australia as the hotter climate suits the optimum growing conditions for the variety. Grenache is a crowd-pleasing, short-term cellaring grape variety.


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