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-   ABOUT US  -

The ‘Puke Face Gargoyle Society’ was first conceived – as all good things are – on a Contiki tour.    Gargoyle Wines is the vision of two of its founding members, Dick and Dave, and their assortment of drinking buddies.   Various tours abroad led the group to adopt Notre Dame’s famed gargoyle as their sigil, and thus this illustrious society was born, its members partaking in annual wine and food competitions every year to this day.  


Over time the ‘Gargoyles’ have spread throughout the country residing amongst us, identified only by their clandestine rituals.   Only now do they bring their passion for hedonistic pursuit and indulging in life’s pleasures into the public eye….. and they see you!


Little ol’ winemaker Dave has cut loose from years of corporate wine-making to focus on making the Gargoyle Wines – wines made to enrich the flavour and texture of life – wines to be enjoyed with good food, good friends, good music and very bad singing. Dick, an IT professional, is based in Brisbane and as well as enjoying to drink wine, is an experienced business manager.


Based in McLaren Vale South Australia, and sourcing fruit from unique vineyards in the Vale and Adelaide Hills, the Gargoyles make wines without pretension, emphasizing the Puke Face Gargoyle Society’s values of frivolity and bonhomie.

Dick (left) and Dave (right) in McLaren Vale

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