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Sangiovese 2019.jpg



Ruby red

Smells like...

Fresh white flowers, ripe strawberries, sweet herbs, and perhaps

a little "pinotesque"!

Tastes like...

Juicy red cherries, ferrous and bloody with a hint of garden herbs


Medium bodied, textured and supple


Ripe and softened, layered and awaiting food

Perfect meal...
Drink when...

Dave’s Osso Bucco with an Asian twist!

Want the recipe? Look below!

Wine is for drinking...drink it now! (Or keep till 2030 if you must)

Sing to...

Paradise, George Ezra (accoustic versions)

Additional Details

ORIGIN: McLaren Vale (McLaren Vale sub region) Biodynamic, clone MS2.

HARVEST: The biodynamic fruit was select harvested on 11th March 2021.

FERMENTATION: The whole berries were open fermented over ten days with gentle hand plunging. Maceration was extended over 23 days to modify natural grape tannins and enhance mouthfeel.

MATURATION:  Transferred to a combination of 8% new French Oak and seasoned French oak Hogsheads and Puncheons for 12 months prior to being bottled.

ANALYSIS: Alcohol 13.9 % v/v, Sugar <0.9g/L (dry),  ph 3.67, Titratable Acidity 5.32 g/L

Dave’s Eastern Osso Bucco


You need;

  1. 1 kg of veal shanks sawn as 6 pieces

  2. A couple of carrots and a couple of parsnips chopped into chunky pieces

  3. A couple of cloves of garlic, chopped up

  4. A couple of chillies, keep the heat modest so you can enjoy the wine!

  5. A cup of chopped coriander

  6. A tin of quality Roma tomatoes

  7. 1 litre of good stock (chicken or vegetable from the supermarket is fine)

  8. ½ bottle of crisp fruity white wine (I use a local Vermentino)

  9. A couple of lemon grass stems finely sliced

  10. A smallish piece of ginger chopped finely

  11. An orange and lime – you need the zest and the juice

  12. Two red capsicums

  13. An onion chopped roughly

  14. Some fresh green herbs – parsley or Mexican/French tarragon is good




  1. Brown the veal pieces in a pan with oil, its best to do this and then keep the pieces on their side in the bottom of a deep pot so they retain the marrowbone – yum! Deglaze the original pan and add juices to the main deep pot.

  2. Brown the onions and place in with the veal.

  3. Throw in the carrot and parsnip chilies and garlic.

  4. Top with the tomatoe, stock and wine and simmer for 60 minutes.

  5. Bake the capsicums and peel off the skins, cut into strips and add to the pot along with the lemon grass, ginger, coriander and zest. Simmer for a further 60 minutes then stir in the orange and lime juice.

  6. Set aside to cool. Fridge overnight. The gelatine from the veal will allow the dish to set.

  7. Out of the fridge and remove the fat that is set on top. The thin layer of fay will be quite solid and can be scrapped off and discarded.


Warm up and serve into bowls with some creamy polenta, a bit of crusty bread and a glass or two of Sangiovese. YUM!!

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